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Frequently Asked Questions

A urologist is a surgeon that treats both women and men with problems that involve the kidney, bladder, urethra, pelvic floor prostate and male reproductive organs. The conditions treated include incontinence, cancer, stones, infections, pelvic floor and sexual dysfunction.

A valid referral is required from your GP or specialist to obtain the Medicare rebate for the consultation.

Please bring along all X rays, scans and any pathology results that may be relevant to your condition. Please also ensure you bring along or have a list available of all the current medications that you are taking. It is likely that Mr Liddell will need to perform a physical examination to assess your condition, so please dress appropriately to allow this to occur.

Mr Liddell will initially focus on the main reason you are seeing him for the consultation. An extensive history will then be taken about your condition, the treatments you have already tried, your other medical history, your surgical history, the medications that you are currently taking along with other questions that may be relevant to your condition. A physical examination will often be performed. Following this, additional tests may then be ordered, or a treatment plan may then be made. Mr Liddell will often make a follow up appointment to review any additional test results and assess your response to any treatment commenced.

Please note private health funds do not cover the cost of initial or review consultations. If you have a valid referral then you will be entitled to the Medicare rebate. Mr Liddell is a known gap provider, therefore if there is any out of pocket fees for a procedure, these are capped and you won’t pay more than the maximum specified by your health fund.